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"From distant visions.."

Early morning snowfall blanketing the Rock House - Mount Laguna, CA - 3.18.18 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
As the fall came to a close, we began to prepare for the impending winter season.. With distant visions of last years epic snowfalls on the high peaks, one couldn't help feel the anticipation of what might unfold under this seasons winter skies. With a few notable storms passing through the heart of winter, I was able to capture some images of these amazing and rare moments in the San Diego backcountry.. I can't help but chuckle a little at that statement. One typically doesn't relate San Deigo and ample snowfall in the same thought. Coming to live out in these mountains and experiencing the weather that unfolds out here, I was thrown right back into my days of living in the mountains of the north east. As the season progressed, I had a number of images come to my mind and visions of what they might look like.. One stood on the top of my list and only became a stronger desire to capture this scene with each passing storm. The timing of light, weather and life hadn't aligned and till this morning, I had figured this shot would have been left to the archives of possibilities for the next winter season.. As I woke up this morning, I heard the last of the rainfall and figured this morning would be another socked in scene of the past number of days. Gathering my things felt harder than usual, waking up on a cold rainy morning and finding the motivation to head out into the frigid air was daunting at best. Somehow I managed my way out and began heading up the mountain to catch a stormy sunrise shot.. As I approached the route up the mountain, it took me a moment to realize what these flashing lights were for.. Chains required. Quickly shifting my intended target for this morning with the first few snow squalls to engulf the truck, I came back to that one unfinished vision.. As I entered the track of cabins at the highest point of the mountain road, I pulled off to turn back and was struck by this amazing cabin hidden off the side of the road. As the last of the snow fell, I took this image with frozen hands and a frozen smile.. Single Exposure - 1.0 seconds at f/11, ISO 250 @35mm (further cropped) | Mount Laguna Landscape Photography |

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