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"From days on end.."

Epic sunset skies over the grand Cuyamaca Range as seen from Mount Laguna, CA - 4.2.18

With a massive bank of moisture pushing up over the high peaks leading to the Cuyamaca range, I set out under grey skies with dwindling optimism for tonights shot.. As I made my way down an old familiar road, I knew this wasn't going to come together, at least in this part of the county. Historically on nights like this the skies to the south often open up so we turned the truck south only to be faced with more of the same. Blue skies to the east caught our eye and we headed further into the highlands and found epic high level clouds circling above the lower level fog that was overrunning the valleys below. Driving north into the Laguna range, the thought of an old view came to mind.. One set high above the clouds and with one of the finest views to the west I've seen while roaming these high meadows and ridges. With the last hour of light fading fast we made our way down the trail to greet this old view once again.. Taking a few moment to find a new composition, I was struck by this monstrous granite boulder.. my adventurous side took hold and had me scrambling to the top looking for a unique view.. Perched precariously on the fin like prominence, I set up shop as the scene before me began to glow in the late sunset light. Grateful for these moments high above the clouds, far away from the crowds and immersed in the sound of the wind, we took pause to pay our respects to the beautiful moment that we had all to ourselves.. Single exposure | Mount Laguna Landscape Photography |

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