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"As the waters begin to rise.."

Beautiful sunset skies over the endless green meadows of Descanso, CA - 3.25.18
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As another weekend comes to a close and a new week begins, I can't help but to reflect on the past few days.. Today I had the opportunity to look the destruction of an amazing species of animal, right in the eye.. Our human nature to dominate and define as ours, all that is great and powerful in this world comes with great consequences. Staring into the eyes of the near extinct great Mexican Grey Wolf made me realize that my work in terms of conservation of land must include the animals that hold together these fragile ecosystems that we quite literally take for granted day after day.. After taking in this experience, I had another experience- one that whisked me away into a dream of what this place looked like before modern mankind took hold and any road ever was cut or home built. When the lands had teemed with roaming animal species long past in harmony with the Native people living in these mountains and valleys.. From a time past to the time present and with a new season of life and revitalization before us, I took a moment to pause and reflect as the sun began to set over the glowing green fields before me in one of my favorite places to take pause.. With only a few minutes to capture this incredible sky, this was the final moment of my day and the last capture of a remarkable day of shooting both things wild and of times past.. Single exposure | Cleveland National Forest Landscape Photography |

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